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Charlie L Mitchell Sr.

281 583-7767
11931 Steamboat Springs Dr.
Houston, Texas 77067-1042
United States



Over 10 years experience in Customer inter-actions and contract administration. Excellent presentation skills; clear and professional manner. Able to maintain a balanced, objective viewpoint in addressing problems. Consistently earned outstanding performance evaluations. Effective in managing a harmonious staff of ethnic and cultural diversity.


Attended Liberty University, Lynchburg - VA

Attended Central Texas College, Killeen, TX

Work Experience

Customer Service Technician, Southwestern Bell Telephone
11-97 - Present
Locate and clear trouble of trouble from subscriber reports.
Identify defective drop wires, repair or replace subscriber's station cords resulting from tests from the Central Office.
Open sheath and repair cable conductors. Cut in cable terminals; sheath welding.
Install, reinstall, reconnect, rearrange, move, change, disconnect, or remove: Auxiliary signals.
Maintain pressure, repair, detect and monitor air pressure in air-core and pic cables.
Service Representative, Southwestern Bell Corp
05-96 - 10-97
Handle incoming calls for tele-communication services. Assist new and existing customers in
establishing and tailoring tele-communication service that suits their needs. Explain, advises,
sell and connect customer's service orders. Establish, maintain and update new and existing customers
service and tele-communication services. Interpret, adheres and comply with local, state and federal regulation
Director, C&F Good Marketing
09-91 - Present
Organized and manages a home-base marketing service. Manages budget, record-keeping and products on
a home base computer. Currently marketing Real-estate Creative Investing through a turn-key operat-
ion course. Develop market trends, spreadsheets and estimate fair market prices as recorded in the
local county courts. Coordinates with Realtors and homeowners to obtain best sales strategies.
Record Management Specialist, Hi-Tech Document Retreival Services
8-96 - 5-97
Prepares hard-copy documents for transporting to computer room. Verify records for accuracy by
matching patch-code identification with assigned documents. Computer room operatior of a HP 3000
Document Scanner Image Maker. Verifies document for accuracy from doc prep area. Changes attribute
s on scanner to obtain best-scanned images. Verifies scanned images prior to permanent indexing.
Guard/Driver, Loomis Armored Inc.
4-92 - 8-95
Transport customer's change orders and previous day's activities to various locations. Provide cust
omer pickup of daily cash receipts and deposits for delivery to local and federal depositories.
Provide chain-of-custody receipt to customers, verifies customer's csh receipts and deposits prior
to delivery to respected depositories.


Dean's List; Central Texas College

Nominated Top Recruiter for CY 86

Awarded Recruiter's Ring (highest achievable recruiter award)

Earned Gold Recruiter Badge with 3 sapphires

Appointed Chief Instructor, Unit Physical Training

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